1. Our payment terms by ALL non-account customers are card details on order or cash on delivery of the goods.
  2. ALL account customers trading terms are 30 days net, unless otherwise agreed in writing, before trading commences
    1. If the Hirer fails to make any payment in full by the due date, the Company shall be entitled to terminate the Contract forthwith and recover all loss or damage resulting from the termination
  3. During the Hire Period the risk of any loss or damage to the Equipment shall pass to and remain with the Hirer from the time when the Equipment first arrives at the Hirer’s premises or the location where the Equipment is left at the request of the Hirer as the case may be.
  4. The Hire Period shall continue until the Equipment is collected by the Company.
  5. If the Hirer requests the Equipment to be placed in a position which requires the delivery vehicle to leave the public highway, the Hirer shall indemnify the Company against any loss, costs, claims, damages or expenses which the company may thereby incur, whether as a result of damage to the delivery vehicle, the Equipment, the property of the Hirer or a third party, including damage to the road margins and pavements.
  6. During the Hire Period the Hirer shall make good to the Company all loss of or damage to the Equipment (fair wear and tear expected).
  7. The Hirer will conform with all statutory enactments and regulations and bye-laws and regulations of local or the other statutory authorities which apply to the Equipment or the waste to be disposed of, and in particular will;
    1. Ensure that any permission required to be obtained from the Highway Authority is obtained
    2. During the Hire Period should the skip is to be sited on public highway the Hirer has the responsibility to attached light to ensure that the skip is visible at night. However they are available on request (for a small charge). It shall be the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that lights are not damaged or stolen.
  8. The Hirer shall not;
    1. Overload the Equipment
    2. Set fire to the contents of the Equipment
    3. Add on or attach to the Equipment any painting, sign-writing, lettering or advertising
    4. Move the Equipment
  9. The Company shall be entitled to refuse to deal with any unauthorised materials which falls outside the terms of the site licence, any such materials shall be removed at the liability and cost of the Hirer
  10. The Hirer shall not remove, deface or conceal any name plate or marking indicating that the Equipmentis the property of the Company.
  11. The Hirer shall not sell, charge, sub-contract, re-hire, lend or assign any part of the Equipment without prior written consent of the Company.
  12. The Equipment shall at all times remain in the ownership of the Company and the Hirer will have no rights in the Equipment other than as a mere bailee. The Company may however assign and sell its rights under this agreement and its rights in and to the Equipment. The Equipment must only be used by the Hirer.
  13. If the Hirer shall be in breach of these terms and conditions the Company shall at its option be entitled to terminate this Agreement forthwith and recover all loss or damage resulting to the Company including loss of profit or other consequential loss. If the Agreement is terminated under this condition all sums due to the Company under the Agreement shall become payable immediately in place of the payment terms set out in condition 2.


  1. In order for us to deliver to your property a drop kerb and a driveway is needed
  2. Skips can be placed on the public highway only with a valid permit
  3. We light the skips at extra cost.
  4. Lights are included with any permit purchase.
  5. We arrange permits.
  6. Customer is responsible for any damage caused and costs, if they require the container to be deposited on private property; entailing our vehicle to leave the public highway.
  7. Container must only be loaded to the top of the container.
  8. We provide council permits for the customer.
  9. Rubbish must not be burned inside the container.
  10. Customer is to ensure a 21ft. space for delivery of the container and to ensure 14ft. one end for collection.
  11. All payments are handled through WorldPay, we do not hold or save any payment information.
  12. Creating an account allows the customer to remember delivery and billing address information and review past purchases.
  13. We do not sell or trade any of this information and comply with GDPR rules and regulations.  If a customer with an account wished to remove any information, or receive a copy of any of the details we hold, they can do so through the “My Account” page.


  1.  Refunds for our online sales are issues via WorldPay and may take up to 7 business days to appear in a customers account.
  2. Refunds can only be applied to the card the original order was placed on.
  3. If a Skip is delivered to a property with out a dropped kerb or we are unable to safely place the skip on private property (in the case where a permit is not requested) and we are unable to deliver the Skip, then partial refunds may be applied with an amount taken for our delivery costs at our discretion.(see 5.)
  4. Cancellations 24 hours before the delivery schedule may be completely refunded.
  5. If a driver attempts delivery but there is no dropped kerb or no safe place to put the skip, this will result in a £40 attempted delivery fee, but the remainder of the order will be refunded.
  6. It is our drivers discretion whether the requested delivery destination is safe for placing a skip.



Lee's Yard
Rochester Way
0800 0234 223
Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm
(Skip Delivered 7am-4.30pm)
Sat: 7am-1pm
(Skip Delivered 7am-12.30pm)
Sunday: Closed


Easy Load is a family run business that has been working in the waste industry since 1968. Easy Load has many years experience in all aspects of waste and recycling and is committed to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Easy Load is happy to supply individual householders, schools, government contracts, local builders and national construction companies.

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